Business Office Technology


Course ID          Course Name
BOT-100 Basic Keyboarding
BOT-101A Keyboarding/Document Processing I
BOT-101B Keyboarding/Document Processing II
BOT-102A Intermediate Keyboarding/Document Processing I
BOT-102B Intermediate Keyboarding/Document Processing II               
BOT-103A Building Keyboarding Skill  I
BOT-103B Building Keyboarding Skill  II
BOT-103C Building Keyboarding Skill  III
BOT-104 Filing and Records Management
BOT-106 Effective Job Search
BOT-107 Office Systems and Procedures
BOT-114 Essential Word
BOT-115 Essential Excel
BOT-116 Essential Access
BOT-117 Essential PowerPoint
BOT-118 Integrated Office Projects
BOT-119 Windows for the Information Worker
BOT-120 Comprehensive Word, Level I
BOT-121 Comprehensive Word, Level II
BOT-122 Comprehensive Word, Level III
BOT-123 Comprehensive Excel, Level I
BOT-124 Comprehensive Excel, Level II
BOT-125 Comprehensive Excel, Level III
BOT-126 Comprehensive Access, Level I
BOT-127 Comprehensive Access, Level II
BOT-128 Comprehensive Access, Level III
BOT-129 Comprehensive PowerPoint, Level I
BOT-130 Comprehensive PowerPoint, Level II
BOT-132 Google Applications for Business
BOT-133 Adobe Acrobat for the Workplace
BOT-150 Using Microsoft Publisher
BOT-151 Using Microsoft Outlook
BOT-174 Computer Concepts and Applications
BOT-180 Basic Computer Skills for Arabic Learners
BOT-223 Office Work Experience
BOT-224 Office Work Experience
BOT-225 Office Work Experience