Course ID           Course Name
BUS-109 Elementary Accounting
BUS-110 Introduction to Business
BUS-111 Entrepreneurship: Starting and Developing a Business               
BUS-112 Craft Entrepreneur
BUS-113 GIG Economy: The New Entrepreneurial Path
BUS-115 Human Relations in Business
BUS-120 Financial Accounting
BUS-121 Managerial Accounting
BUS-122 Intermediate Accounting
BUS-124 Auditing
BUS-125 Business Law: Legal Environment of Business
BUS-128 Business Communication
BUS-129 Payroll Accounting and Business Taxes
BUS-150 Individual Income Tax Accounting
BUS-155 Human Resources Management
BUS-156 Principles of Management
BUS-161 Business Internship
BUS-162 Analysis of Financial Statements
BUS-176 Computerized Accounting Applications
BUS-195 Principles of Money Management for Success