Computer and Information Science


Course ID          Course Name
CIS-101 Fundamentals of Information Technology
CIS-110 Principles of Information Systems
CIS-120 Computer Maintenance and A+ Certification
CIS-121 Network Cabling Systems
CIS-125 Network+ Certification
CIS-140 Databases
CIS-162 Technical Diagramming Using Microsoft Visio
CIS-170 Internet of Things (loT) Connecting Things
CIS-172 Internet of Things (loT) Security
CIS-190 Windows Operating System
CIS-191 Linux Operating System
CIS-201 Cisco Academy – Introduction to Networking
CIS-202 Cisco Academy – Routing, Switching, and Wireless Essentials
CIS-203 Cisco Academy – Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation
CIS-205 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (Route)
CIS-206 Cisco Networking Academy VI
CIS-207 Cisco Networking Academy VII
CIS-208 Cisco Networking Academy VIII
CIS-209 Cisco CyberOps
CIS-210 Cisco Networking Academy - Voice
CIS-211 Web Development I
CIS-213 Web Development II
CIS-215 JavaScript Web Programming
CIS-219 PHP/MYSQL Dynamic Web-Based Applications                
CIS-220 E-Commerce and Web Presence
CIS-225 Web Development Capstone
CIS-261 NSSA Degree Capstone
CIS-263 Fundamentals of Network Security
CIS-264 Ethical Cybersecurity Hacking
CIS-265 Computer Forensics Fundamentals
CIS-267 Directed Work Experience in CIS
CIS-270 Palo Alto Network Security I
CIS-271 Palo Alto Network PCNSA
CIS-272 Palto Alto Networks Firewall, Configuration, Management, and Threat Prevention
CIS-290 Windows Server - Installing and Configuring
CIS-291 Linux System Administration
CIS-293 Windows Server - Administering
CIS-294 Windows Server - Advanced Configuration
CIS-295 VMware Certified Professional