Center for Water Studies


Course ID Course Name
CWS-100 Career Pathways in Water and Wastewater 
CWS-101 Fundamentals of Water and Wastewater
CWS-102 Calculations in Water and Wastewater
CWS-103 Water Resources Management
CWS-105 Water Conservation
CWS-106 Electrical and Instrumentation Processes
CWS-107 Safety in Water and Wastewater
CWS-110 Laboratory Analysis for Water and Wastewater 
CWS-112 Water Treatment Plant Operations
CWS-114 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
CWS-115 Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse
CWS-116 Advanced Water Treatment I
CWS-130 Water Distribution systems
CWS-132 Wastewater Collection Systems
CWS-134 Pumps, Motors, and Valves
CWS-204 Applied Hydraulics
CWS-206 Advanced Electrical and Instrumentation Processes
CWS-207 Practical Skills in Water and Wastewater Systems
CWS-210 Advanced Laboratory Analysis for Water and Wastewater                 
CWS-212 Advanced Water Treatment Plant Operations
CWS-214 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
CWS-216 Advanced Water Treatment II
CWS-230 Advanced Water Distribution Systems
CWS-232 Advanced Wastewater Collection Systems
CWS-268 Membrane Plant Operation
CWS-270 Public Works Supervision
CWS-280 Backflow Tester Training
CWS-282 Cross-Connection Control Specialist
CWS-284 Cross-Connection Control Specialist-Recycled Water
CWS-290 Cooperative Work Experience