Course ID Course Name  
ENGR-100         Introduction to Engineering and Design  
ENGR-103 Environmental Engineering Seminar  
ENGR-119 Basic Engineering CAD  
ENGR-120 Engineering Computer Applications  
ENGR-125 Solid Modeling Design  
ENGR-129 Engineering Solid Modeling  
ENGR-182 Work Experience in Engineering Technology  
ENGR-199 Special Studies or Projects in Engineering  
ENGR-200 Engineering Mechanics - Statics  
ENGR-210 Electric Circuits  
ENGR-218 Plane Surveying  
ENGR-220 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics  
ENGR-225 Mechanics for Civil Engineers  
ENGR-230 Basics of Mechatronics  
ENGR-260 Engineering Materials  
ENGR-261 Materials Laboratory  
ENGR-270 Digital Design