Exercise Science


Course ID Course Name
ES-001 Adapted Physical Exercise
ES-008A         Beginning Indoor Cycling
ES-008B Intermediate Indoor Cycling
ES-008C Advance Indoor Cycling
ES-009A Beginning Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-009B Intermediate Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-009C Advanced Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-010 Cardiovascular Fitness and Nutrition
ES-011 Circuit Training
ES-012 Individualized Sports Conditioning
ES-013 Flexibility Fitness
ES-014A Beginning Body  Building
ES-014B Intermediate Body  Building
ES-014C Advanced Body  Building
ES-019A Beginning Physical Fitness
ES-019B Intermediate Physical Fitness
ES-019C Advanced Physical Fitness
ES-024A Beginning Fitness Boot Camp
ES-024B Intermediate Fitness Boot Camp
ES-024C Advance Fitness Boot Camp
ES-028A Beginning Yoga
ES-028B Intermediate Yoga
ES-028C Advance Yoga
ES-060A Beginning Badminton
ES-060B Intermediate Badminton
ES-060C Advanced Badminton
ES-061A Beginning Pickleball
ES-061B Intermediate Pickleball
ES-061C Advanced Pickleball
ES-076A Beginning Tennis
ES-076B Intermediate Tennis
ES-076C Advanced Tennis
ES-121 Introduction to Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology
ES-125A Beginning Golf
ES-125B Intermediate Golf
ES-125C Advanced Golf
ES-155A Beginning Basketball
ES-155B Intermediate Basketball
ES-155C Advanced Basketball
ES-170A Beginning Soccer
ES-170B Intermediate Soccer
ES-170C Advanced Soccer
ES-171A Beginning Softball
ES-171B Intermediate Softball
ES-171C Advanced Softball
ES-175A Beginning Volleyball
ES-175B Intermediate Volleyball
ES-175C Advanced Volleyball
ES-180 Self Defense for Women
ES-206 Intercollegiate Basketball
ES-209 Intercollegiate Cross-Country
ES-213 Intercollegiate Golf
ES-218 Intercollegiate Soccer
ES-224 Intercollegiate Tennis
ES-227 Intercollegiate Track
ES-230 Intercollegiate Volleyball
ES-248 Conditioning for Intercollegiate Athletes
ES-249 Competencies for Intercollegiate Athletes                
ES-250 Introduction to Kinesiology
ES-253 Physical Education in Elementary Schools
ES-255 Care and Prevention of Athletic and Recreational Injuries
ES-270 Cooperative Games
ES-271 Fitness Walking with Children
ES-272 Issues in Childhood Obesity