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Dean of Student Affairs
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Crisis & Prevention Resources


Crisis Prevention Team Purpose

The purpose of the Crisis Prevention Team is to utilize a collaborative approach to prevent and monitor any potential situations that may pose a threat to the health and safety of our students and the Cuyamaca campus. The Crisis Prevention Team will provide input to address these issues and determine if any follow-up is necessary to protect the safety of the students and the campus. In addition, this team, which can also be utilized as a resource for faculty and staff, can also provide educational training to the campus.


Resource Guide for Faculty & Staff

Distressed Student (Emotional)- Level 1

Upset, distracted, noticeable anxiety, tearful, depression, and excessive class absences.


Action: Meet with the student privately, refer to and/or consult with your Department Chair and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

Disruptive Student (In classroom/on campus)- Level 2

Interruptive, annoying, insubordinate, bothersome, and disrespectful.


Action: Establish limits, refer the student to the campus conduct website, and report to your Department Chair, Division Dean, and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

Dangerous Student (Threat to Safety)- Level 3

Verbal or physical threats, altercations, out-of-control behavior.


Action: Immediately call 911, notify Department Chair, Division Dean, and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.


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