STEM Academic and Transfer Planning


Meeting with a STEM Academic Counselor is the first step we encourage students to take when beginning their transfer planning journey.  A STEM counselor can help you determine the best transfer university based on your academic aspirations, career goals, and personal interests.  We encourage students to ask and explore the following questions independently and with a counselor.


  1. Is housing available to transfer students, or will I need to live off campus?  Which option is more cost effective?
  2. What are my financial aid options?  Are there scholarships offered by the institutions?
  3. Will all of my credits transfer to my desired institution?
  4. Do the institutions that I am interested in offer support, research, and/or hands-on experiences specifically designed for transfer students?  What are available to help me adjust?
  5. What is the retention rate of students like me at the schools that I am interested in?  Do they provide resources, support, and opportunities to help students succeed in their majors and graduate in a timely manner?
  6. How long does it take transfer students to graduate from my desired institution?
  7. Would I prefer a large institution or a small campus with intimate class sizes? 
  8. Do I want to stay close to home or explore new environments?  

In addition to meeting with a counselor, there are other resources on campus and online that can assist you with your academic goals to transfer.

  • Cuyamaca Transfer Center:  A resource center that helps students ready to transfer for a smooth and successful transition from community college to baccalaureate-level institute. 
  •  Course transfer articulation system for California's public colleges and universities.  We encourage students to use Assist as a map to follow along with guidance from a counselor.  
  • CSU General Education for Transfer Worksheets:  A list of general education courses at Cuyamaca that are approved for transfer to most CSU institutions. 
  • IGETC Transfer Worksheet:  a list of general education courses at Cuyamaca that are approved for transfer to most UC and CSU institutions.
  • Pathway Maps:  Major-specific pathway maps are being updated for students majoring in Biology and engineering.  Students may pick up current pathway maps in the STEM Center (H-building) at the back tables for biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.