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Students interested in a rewarding and challenging career allied to the legal profession will find that the Paralegal Program at Cuyamaca College is an excellent place to start. Through the Paralegal Associate in Science degree program students acquire skills needed for a variety of tasks and responsibilities of a legal assistant in a private law firm, corporation or government agency.


State-Of-The-Art Education

The paralegal curriculum is developed and regularly reviewed with the assistance of an advisory committee comprised of leaders from within the field including judges, attorneys and practicing paralegals. The committee provides expert advice on current needs and trends in paralegal services, and serves to keep the Cuyamaca College program strong.


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Approved by the American Bar Association

Cuyamaca College's Paralegal Studies program was approved by the American Bar Association in 2002. Currently, there are 254 ABA-approved legal assistant education programs nationwide. Locally, only three other programs are approved by the ABA: Miramar Community College, University of San Diego, and University of California at San Diego.


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Career Opportunities

There is demand for trained paralegals in the San Diego legal and business community. Agencies and law firms seek qualified employees in a number of areas, such as drafting legal documents, interviewing clients or witnesses, performing research, editing, processing trial information and preparing correspondence. The paralegal degree is also a helpful means of qualifying for job advancement for persons already working in non-professional legal positions as legal technicians.

Cuyamaca Association of Paralegal Students (CAPS) 

The Cuyamaca Association of Paralegal Students (CAPS) was created by a group of Paralegal Studies majors who wanted to contribute to their education as well as benefit from it. Collectively, they wished to assist in the development and growth of the program and to provide learning agendas beyond the classroom.


Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.


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