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Environmental Health and Safety Management 



The Environmental Health and Safety Management program offers a variety of coursework, practical laboratory experiences, and field opportunities both online and on-campus. These opportunities aim to equip students with essential skills and certifications that can improve their job prospects and performance in the workplace.


Environmental Industry

Certificate of Achievement, Environmental Technician 

Associates of Science, Environmental Management 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in environmental protection and sustainability? If so, you may want to consider enrolling in the environmental programs. California leads the United States in these efforts, and there is a growing demand for environmental technicians and specialists. The program offers hands-on training and a broad understanding of environmental topics affecting local, state, federal, and global populations, including culturally sensitive management techniques. By earning a Certificate of Achievement or Associates of Science degree within the program, you can work in a variety of industries, including hazardous waste, solid waste, environmental health and safety, environmental sciences, sustainability, water pollution, and air pollution.
Environmental Technician Labor Outlook, U.S. Department of Labor

Health and Safety Industry

Certificate of Achievement, Occupational Safety and Health Technician 

Associates of Science, Occupational Safety and Health Management


Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, there has been a steady increase in workplace injuries, illnesses, and death.  California has the second-highest demand for Occupational Safety and Health technicians and Specialists in the United States. OSH Technicians and Specialists inspect workplaces, evaluate hazards, train employees, implement personal protective equipment programs, and help employers comply with safety regulations from local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. The EHSM program has developed a broad range of classes to ensure students have experience and in-depth understanding of safety inspections, air, noise, ventilation, radiological and biological testing, ergonomic services, and providing workplace illness and injury programs. We offer specialty courses in construction and laboratory safety.  Students completing the Certificate of Achievement and Associates of Science degree in OSH management will obtain jobs as an Occupational Safety and Health Technician, Environmental Safety and Health Technician, Safety Technician, Industrial Hygiene Technician, and Risk Manager.


Occupational Safety and Health Technician Outlook, U.S. Department of Labor


Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Research Industry

Certificate of Achievement, Laboratory Safety Technician


With thousands of research institutes and industrial biotechnology companies doing business in San Diego, there is now a demand for specifically trained Laboratory Safety Technicians to enter the job market. The EHSM department and industry partners have created robust coursework to meet the needs of laboratory-specific regulations, including hazardous materials and waste management, HAZWOPER certification, and biological, chemical, and radiological regulatory compliance specific to a laboratory setting. Graduates will obtain positions in the laboratory setting as safety technicians, hazardous-waste technicians, environmental technicians, and occupational safety and health technicians.


Occupational Safety and Health Technician Outlook, U.S. Department of Labor

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