Julie Godfrey
Department Chair


Commonly Used Forms

Below is a list of commonly used forms for EHSM students.  Please contact the Department Chair or your education counselor for any assistance needed with these forms. 


Modification of Major

Students may use a modification of major to waive or substitute courses required for their degree program.  A course may be waived if it has not been offered in recent semesters at Cuyamaca College.  Substituting a course may be granted for coursework that similarly satisfies the program requirements from Cuyamaca College or outside regionally accredited colleges.


To get Department Chair approval, please provide: 

  1. Modification of Major Form
  2. The catalog description of the the class at the other institution that you've already taken for credit.
  3. The catalog description of the class at Cuyamaca that you'd like to get credit for.
  4. (Waiver) The reason for the course to be waived.  

Graduation Application

It is important to apply for graduation early in the semester which you would like to graduate.  Graduation counselors will work directly with you to audit your transcripts and approve your status to graduate.  Please use the link below to complete the graduation application. 


  1. Graduation Application

Student Comments

“Being at BAE Systems has provided me with a wealth of shipyard experience in dealing with the work force, management and Navy personnel. EHSM classes have been extremely important to my progress and growth at work, expanding my knowledge in the field of Safety. Working in the shipyard was a new experience and my continuing education at Cuyamaca College, has lead me in the right direction to truly assist individuals to be safer at work.”


Jonas Montalvo, 
Safety Technician and ESL Safety Trainer, 
BAE Systems Ship Repair Facility