Questions about engineering at Cuyamaca? Come chat with engineering instructor

Dr. Keenan Murray!

Professor Murray will be holding open "student/office hours" 11:05am-12:20pm
Monday/Wednesday and 1:00-2:15pm Tuesday/Thursday in his office (F-303) and via Discord for the Fall 2023 semester. If we need to share screens online, I will most likely invite you to a Zoom session as it allows me to annotate on your screen! Additionally, student/office hours are a great time to gain access to the Makerspace in F-307 to learn how to create! If you have questions/concerns about the engineering program at Cuyamaca or just want to stop by to chat and say hello, come on by!




You can also email me at if you would prefer to meet in our Zoom conference room instead of in Discord.

Program Information

Transfer Program

We offer the first two years of a typical four-year program leading to the Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. Because of the proximity of San Diego State University (SDSU), most Cuyamaca College engineering students complete their education at SDSU, and our program is therefore most closely linked to theirs. However, our courses are accepted in transfer at most University of California and Cal State schools, including the two Cal Polys. Click on this link to to determine what courses transfer from Cuyamaca College to other California colleges and universities.


Recommended coursework for transfer to SDSU and other universities

Associate in Science Degrees

We offer Associate in Science (AS) degrees in each of the following 3 disciplines: 1) Civil Engineering, 2) Electrical and Computer Engineering, and 3) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.


While the bachelor's degree is usually the minimum needed to practice as an engineer, the Associate in Science Degree in Engineering will permit an individual to find work in most engineering firms as an engineering aide. The AS degrees offered by Cuyamaca College contain all engineering courses required for transfer to SDSU, plus Exercise Science and a few additional engineering courses. However, SDSU requires more General Education credits than are required by the AS degree program.

Full-Time Faculty

Keenan Murray
(619) 660-4248


Carlos Perez

(619) 660-4596 


Adjunct Faculty and Staff

Fernando Loera

Alberto Rodriguez
Cyrus Saghafi

Morteza Mohssenzadeh, "Dr. Mo"

Dorsa Elmi

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