Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Is a STEM Program Right for You?

STEM is the future!  From exobiologists to certified ethical hackers, there are thousands of exciting and surprising jobs that use science, technology, engineering and math.

Do any of these things describe you?
  • I like to ponder the big questions about life and the universe: Why are we here? Where are we going?
  • I am curious about how the world around me works.
  • I love solving puzzles.
  • I enjoy working with my hands. 
  • I enjoy working with living creatures. 
  • I enjoy being creative and designing.
  • I’m curious about what it might be like to work in a science lab.
  • I am analytical and detail-oriented. 

STEM Programs

Careers in STEM

The STEM program helps prepare students for future careers - such as biologist, chemist, environmental specialist, software developer, physician assistant, dentist, engineer, analyst, or psychologist.


Program Outcomes for STEM Students

After finishing any program in STEM, you should have the following skills: 

  1. Draw scientific conclusions about simple and complex systems by collecting, assessing, and analyzing information.

  2. Communicate technical ideas in group and professional settings in both written and oral form.