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How can I borrow books or textbooks from the Library?
  • What do I need to borrow a book? Students will need a student ID card. You can get those from the Tech Mall (room E-121) or at Admissions and Records.
  • How long can I keep the book? Books may be checked out for 2 weeks. They may be renewed for an additional 2 week period if no other student request them. Contact Circulation to renew a book loan.  
  • Does the library have textbooks? The library does have some textbooks that students can borrow in the Reserves section. The Reserve books can be checked out for 3 hours to the entire semester. The books that do not check out for more than a day cannot leave the library. Contact Circulation for loan time for a certain book.
  • Contact Circulation desk with additional questions at cuyamaca.circulation@gcccd.edu  or 
    call  (619) 660-4416 and leave a message.
How do I log into the databases from home?
  • User name is first name (dot) last name @students.gcccd.edu. Use the same username you have for Self-Service. Include any assigned numbers or special characters, some usernames may not exceed 20 character before the @.
  • Password defaults to your birthday in 6 digits (mmddyy). Passwords may have expired and need to be reset. More information here: Log In Help page
  • You must be currently enrolled in this semester at Cuyamaca.
  • If you still get the error message, contact the Help Desk (c-helpdesk@gcccd.edu or 619-660-4395).
Do I need to log into My Library Card? And how do I log in?
  • You can log in to My Library Card to view all your library items that are borrowed, returned, overdue. You can also see how long a Reserve item may be checked out when looking in the catalog (or can check with Circulation for the loan time). You cannot put in requests/holds for books using the My Library Card, contact Circulation to place a hold. It does not give you access to electronic books or articles from the databases. 
  • User name is firstname.lastname@students.gcccd.edu
  • Password defaults to your birthday in 6 digits (mmddyy). Passwords may have expired and need to be reset. More information here: Log In Help page
I am taking a Math class and I need to borrow a calculator. Can I get one?
  • What if I need a calculator? For the Semester? Or for One day?
    Calculators available for semester checkout will be made available for Cuyamaca math students through a lottery system. We do have calculators available for a one day checkout as well during library open hours.
  • What do I need to sign up for the lottery or bring in person to get a calculator? 
    Your name, your student ID number, and proof of enrollment in a Cuyamaca math class is required.  Being on the BOG list is also required for the semester long loan. Attach a screen grab to the email request that shows which Cuyamaca math class you are in or for in person requests bring a print out or show in WebAdvisor/Self-Service or Canvas that you are in a class on your phone or laptop.
  • cuyamaca.circulation@gcccd.edu or (619) 660-4416
Can I borrow a laptop? Or a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Currently out of laptops. Requests can still be made, but students will be placed on a wait list. We do have a limited number of laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots that Cuyamaca students can borrow for the semester. The Wi-FI hotspots will provide a separate internet service from your home service to use for school work. Students will need to ask a Cuyamaca faculty or staff member to fill out a request form for the current semester. They can access it here: Faculty and Staff Services

What are the fines for overdue materials? What if I have a fine? 

Books - 25¢ per day ($100 maximum) 

Magazine/Journals – 25¢ per day ($50 maximum) 

Calculators - $1.00 per day ($150 maximum) 

Reserve Hourly - $1.00 per hour ($100 maximum) 

Reserve 1 day or longer - $3.00 per day ($100 maximum) 

Interlibrary loan - $3.00 per day 

  • Students are blocked from administrative functions (registration, grades, drop/add classes) if they have any overdue materials or fines in any amount.  
  • Contact Circulation desk cuyamaca.circulation@gcccd.edu  or 
    call  (619) 660-4416.
Can I print or scan in the library? How much does it cost?

Printing is available on the second floor of the library. Information on printing can be found here: Printing Guide. Ask the Circulation Desk or Reference Librarian for additional help

WEPA printing account: https://www.wepanow.com/login -

Username:  firstname.lastname@students.gcccd.edu 
Note: this is the same firstname.lastname as in Self-Service

Password= Defaults to your 6 digit date of birth (MMDDYY). 


Scanning is free. There are two computers with scanners on the second floor that can save the scanned documents to a flash drive, email, cloud storage, or printed. The print stations can also scan but scanned documents can only be printed or saved to a cloud storage.


Cost for printing:

  • Black/White Single Sided: 10 cents
  • Black/White Double Sided: 15 cents
  • Color Single Sided: 50 cents
  • Color Double Sided: 75 cents
Can I checkout or  download electronic books?

There are two ways to download books from EBSCO, you will need to download either the EBSCO mobile app or the Adobe Digital Editions app. The electronic books from Gale do not require these apps, it downloads as a PDF and only one chapter at a time.

Links to directly download the EBSCO mobile app or the Adobe Digital Editions app.

Do you have group study rooms?   

For Fall 2022. Students can request using a room single student for an online class meeting (ex: Zoom). Groups will have a priority for use. 

We have have seven study rooms on the second floor for groups of two students or more per room. Study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Groups may use them for up to two hours at a time. To secure a room, please stop by circulation desk on the first floor. A student ID card is required, and two students must be present to sign for the room key. 

Can I eat or drink in the library?

Yes. On the first floor there is an area where you can eat called the Coyote Corner. It is next to the stairs going up to the second floor, opposite of the Circulation Desk. Drinks in a spill proof container can go upstairs to main part of the library.


Contact Circulation Desk  Contact Reference Desk

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