Patrice Nya, Budget Analyst, x4311


Michael Erickson, Interim Business Services Supervisor



Andre Toma, Interim Business Services Specialist, x4683




Building F



Monday through Thursday:

7:00 am -6:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed




Business Services

  • Assists with faculty/staff with budgetary questions
  • Assists with grant applications, monitoring, and reporting
  • Books travel for staff and faculty
  • Processes catering requests
  • Unrestricted/Restricted budget development
  • Processes all business forms: Mileage, travel advances, travel expenses, Quick $, requests  for checks, requests for contracts, special project authorizations, donations, hire forms,  off- campus requests, budget transfers, expenditure transfers, and purchase requests

Year-End Deadlines FY 20/21



Due Date

Officemax Orders

Please follow current pre-approval processes.

June 1

Procurement Card Usage

 Please follow current pre-approval processes.

June 1

Purchase Requisitions

Final date to enter 20/21 PRs.

June 7

Supplier Invoice Requests

Expense Reports


June 10


Budget Transfers

June 10


Expenditure Transfers


June 17


Special Projects Pay Requests (work thru June 30th)

July 1

Timesheets-All Classifications (work thru June 30th)

July 1

1st day to enter 2020/2021 Purchase Requisitions

July 6


Please note that many of the deadlines are just around the corner. We are asking all departments to review their budgets/expenses for accuracy. If you have any expense reimbursements, please submit your expense reports as soon as possible.


Budget Managers:  Please review all of your budgets and expenses for accuracy. Due to the severe budget constraints, we are asking that all departments ensure that your expenses do not exceed your budget. If you are overbudget in any of your smartkeys, please reach out to your supervisor or the Business Office immediately. Please note that the last day to make budget transfers is June 10th and the last day to make expense transfer is June 17th.


Open PO’s: We are also asking that all budget managers review your current Open PO’s with remaining balances and close any PO’s that are complete. There are three reports available in Workday to help budget managers review their open POs;

  1. GCCCD – Purchase Order with Encumbrance by SmartKey

Provides a listing of POs in PO number order, showing the PO amount, amount liquidated and remaining obligation or balance.


  1. GCCCD – PY PO Carryover Status

Provides a listing of POs carried over from 2019/20 and the current balance obligation.


  1. GCCCD – Open Encumbrance by Vendor

Provides a listing of vendors with open POs in alphabetical order based on the criteria provided.


You can find these reports by typing the name of report in the Workday search box.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to Patrice Nya, Michael Erickson, or Nicole Salgado via email.