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Refunds are processed on a monthly basis throughout the semester through our District Accounting Dept. Refunds will be processed back as follows:

  • If you paid with a Credit/Debit Card, the refund amount will be returned to the original card that made the payment. If the card has been changed or replaced since the payment was processed, the refund will go to the company that issued you the card and they will need to credit you the funds, please reach out to them for additional assistance. You may be able to expedite your credit card refund by calling the Cashier’s Office at 619-660-4256.
  • If you paid by Cash/Check/Money Order/Payment Plan if you are signed up for Bank Mobile, then the funds will be deposited into your direct deposit account, if not, then a check will be mailed to you to the address on file with Admissions and Records from Bank Mobile and may take additional time to arrive. You can sign up for a Bank Mobile account at you can also reach their customer service department at 1-877-327-9515.
  • Cash refunds in person will be refunded by the limit set by the College Cashier. You must have a valid Student or Government ID in order to receive a cash refund. Refunds are only payable to the student and will not be given to any other individual.

Room G-128


(619) 660-4256