College and Community Relations

The Cuyamaca College department of College and Community Relations (CCR) serves as a professional resource for expert communications and creative services. The department manages and promotes the college brand and vision through strategic communication efforts, compelling storytelling, and creative, integrative marketing solutions. Additionally, the team cultivates effective and sustainable relationships with the community, government and civic organizations/leader, and key stakeholders. This office also acts as a resource before, during and after emergency situations by providing guidelines and information to help manage crisis situations.


All staff and faculty at Cuyamaca College are encouraged to work with the CCR department to ensure maximum exposure of their initiatives, campaigns, classes, events, or workshops. 


CCR offers the following areas of service:


Strategic Communications

The College and Community Relations team effectively and efficiently communicates and markets the mission, vision, programs, and events to the college community and the public. We seek to share the story of Cuyamaca College with a broad audience, including members of the media, local and global community members, government officials, social media users, current supporters, internal campus members and many others. Contact Christianne Penunuri for communication support.


Graphic Design

The graphic designer works with you, across numerous formats and mediums, to best communicate your message. We can assist with banner, brochure and flyer designs, as well as social media graphics, digital designs and business cards. 


Visual Identity and Branding Guide

The College and Community Relations department is responsible for growing and protecting the Cuyamaca College brand. We maintain the Cuyamaca College Branding Guide which outlines proper brand implementation.


Communications and Outreach

College and Community Relations shares information with various communities internal and external to the college. The Cuyamaca Connection is published bi-weekly (on alternate weeks) for the campus community. Additionally, a bi-weekly email is sent to students (during our current, remote environment) from the Vice President of Student Services. Once per month, important success stories and updates are shared with the Board of Trustees. It is the goal to house all content on the website so content is accessible beyond newsletters, emails, and monthly reports.


Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit content. The College and Community Relations department also manages the  official college social media pages. Requests for posts on social media are included in the content submission form. You can view all college social media pages in this directory. 


Photography and Videography

The depiction of our college in photos is a critical component of the Cuyamaca College brand. Select images are available for use and can stand on its own or it can be integrated into a more comprehensive communication strategy.


The College and Community Relations department offers photography services to the college community based on availability. To request photography services, please email with at least 14-days notice.