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Cuyamaca College opened in 1978. Located on a scenic hillside overlooking the residential community of Rancho San Diego, the 165 acre campus features a beautiful library with three instructional computer labs. The college serves students in day, evening and Saturday programs. A physical education facility features a state-of-art fitness center, and the most up to date technology is an integral part of our educational programs and services.


Cuyamaca is a public, two-year higher education institution, chartered by the State of California and fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Our college curriculum includes business, technical-vocational, engineering, and other professional programs as well as transfer programs and general education courses. Cuyamaca also has a multi-level basic skill curriculum that integrates English as a second language in speaking, reading, and composition.


The College maintains articulation agreements with the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) systems, which assist students in transferring to UC or CSU campuses as upper-division (third year) students. In addition, our students find that they are able to transfer most or all of their Cuyamaca courses to public or private colleges throughout the United States.


Classes are offered on a semester basis. The fall semester begins in late August, and the spring semester begins in late January. Summer Intersession starts in June. Credit classes are also offered during the three week winter break between semesters. International students are expected to be available for academic counseling and pre-registration orientation two to three weeks prior to the beginning of classes for their first semester at Cuyamaca College.


International Students

International F1 visa students have many educational options available to them at Cuyamaca. Many choose a two-year associate degree course of study in one of the major programs offered. Others take lower division (freshman and sophomore) general education and major preparation courses at Cuyamaca and then transfer to an American four-year college or university.



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