Course ID          Course Name
CD-106 Practicum: Beginning Observation & Experience
CD-115 Changing American Family
CD-123 Principles & Practices of Programs & Curriculum For Young Children               
CD-124 Infant and Toddler Development
CD-125 Child Growth and Development
CD-126 Art for Child Development
CD-127 Science & Mathematics for Child Development
CD-128 Music & Movement for Child Development
CD-129 Language & Literature for Child Development
CD-130 Curriculum: Design & Implementation
CD-131 Child, Family, and Community
CD-132 Observation & Assessment: Field Experience Seminar
CD-133 Practicum-Field Experience: Student Teaching
CD-134 Health, Safety & Nutrition of Young Children
CD-136 Adult Supervision
CD-137 Administration of Child Development Programs I
CD-138 Administration of Child Development Programs II
CD-141 Working with Children with Special Needs
CD-143 Responsive Planning for Infant/Toddler Care
CD-145 Child Abuse & Family Violence in Our Society
CD-153 Teaching in a Diverse Society
CD-170 Practicum: Field Experience with Infants & Toddlers
CD-210 Working with Young Children with Challenging Behaviors
CD-212 Practicum in Early Childhood Education
CD-213 Observation and Assessment