Paralegal Studies


Course ID Course Name
PARA-100          Introduction to Paralegal Studies
PARA-110 Civil Litigation Practice and Procedures
PARA-120 Introduction to Administrative Law
PARA-121 Social Security Disability Law
PARA-125 Business Organizations
PARA-130 Legal Research and Writing
PARA-132 Computer Assisted Legal Research (CALR)
PARA-135 Bankruptcy Law
PARA-140 Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedures
PARA-145 Estate Planning
PARA-146 Probates and Administration of Estates
PARA-150 Family Law (Divorce, Separation, Nullity, and Paternity)                 
PARA-151 Family Law (Custody, Visitation, Support)
PARA-160 Personal Injury
PARA-170 Workers' Compensation
PARA-175 Electronic Discover: Practice and Procedure
PARA-176 Electronic Discovery: Advanced Practice
PARA-199 Special Studies or Projects in Paralegal Studies
PARA-250 Internship