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***New Faculty Handbook:*** 

  • How to access Class Contact Roster
  • Attendance Roster
  • Census Roster
  • Grade Roster
  • Add Authorization/Permissions
  • Wait list Roster

We have had a marked increase in the number of students attending classes who are not officially enrolled. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.

Not only do we lose funding for these students but they pose significant liability to both the instructor and to the College. Students who do not appear on your attendance roster or an Add/Drop Activity notice are probably not officially enrolled.

These students should be sent IMMEDIATELY to the Admissions and Records office. It is the instructor's responsibility to make sure that ALL students who are attending their class are on the official class roster by the add deadline for the class.

Important Dates

**FALL 2023**

  • Last day to add/drop/refund for full semester length classes: September 3rd
  • Census date for full semester length classes: September 5th
  • Deadline to apply for full semester length classes Pass/No Pass: December 16th 
  • Grade deadline for full semester length classes: December 21st 
  • Fall deadline dates


Welcome! Our office is committed to supporting the educational goals of the College by upholding the integrity of academic policy and student records. We strive to provide exceptional service to faculty, staff and members of of the Cuyamaca College community


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