I made a mistake when I submitted my grades, how do I fix this?

If you made an error after you submitted your grades, please email Vanessa Saenz to request a "Grade Change Form" You may also stop by the Admissions and Records office and speak with Vanessa in person.


Why am i not able to submit my grades?

If your not able to submit grades at the end of the term, you might not have submitted your census rosters. Please contact Vanessa Saenz for further assistance.


How do I handle Veteran students differently?

Veteran students may receive money from the federal government for attending classes. It is important that correct dates of attendance are recorded for these students. When dropping a Veteran student, you are required to enter the last date of attendance on the drop form or roster. If a veteran stops attending after the Drop Deadline, please report this to Admissions and Records. The VA Regional Office will be notified that the student is not attending, but the student will remain on your roster and must receive a final grade.


When can I give a student an incomplete grade, and how?

The incomplete grade is a contract between the instructor and the student and should be assigned only for unforeseeable emergencies that occur at the end of a semester. The student must request the incomplete. The instructor, if in agreement, should sign the contract and stipulate what the student must do to complete the class. The student will have until the end of the following semester (summer intersession does not count) to complete the contract. The student MAY NOT re-enroll in the class when an incomplete grade is assigned. The Incomplete Grade form must be submitted when the grade roster is submitted for the class. The grade to be automatically issued in the event that the incomplete contract is not fulfilled is assigned in the contract. If the contract is not fulfilled, the class will be automatically graded. If the student does complete the contract, the earned grade should be turned in to Admissions and Records immediately.


Are there exceptions to the Drop Deadline date?

Certain medical reasons are the only exception to dropping a class after the drop deadline. Refer the student to the Admissions and Records Office for a General Petition.


How long do I need to keep my rosters?

The Admissions and Records Office will not retain your original Class Attendance rosters and grade backup materials. You should keep your own copies of your rosters.


Besides rosters, what special forms might I need?

The following forms are available online and in the "forms rack" in the mail room:

  • - Instructor Reinstatement Form: Use to reinstate a student into a class who was dropped in error (either by the instructor or by the student).
  • - Level or Section Change Authorization: Use to allow a student to either swap sections of a particular class or to advance or retreat to a different level in a certain course if the class is too easy or too hard.