Priority Wait List

Waitlists are turned on once classes are full. Instructors are to grant an add authorization on, or after the first day of instruction. Faculty must grant and add authorization in order based on your waitlist roster.


Closing of Waitlists

Waitlists become "closed" by the second day of instruction. Students will no longer be able to add themselves to the waitlist and will have to "crash" the course to be granted an add authorization.



Students who show up on the first day of class, or "crashers", may be given an add authorization if there are seats available in your class and if they are on the waitlist. If you still have available seats and you have exhausted the list of students on the waitlist, faculty may grant an add authorization to crashers on a first come-first serve basis.


  • When are wait lists available?

Wait lists for all classes begin the instant that classes close due to full enrollment. Once the class begins, wait lists are no longer available. You cannot add yourself to a wait list before your registration appointment date.

  • What are wait list priorities?

Students are added to the wait list for a class on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • How do students get from the wait list into a class?

As seats become available, students are automatically added to the class in which they are wait-listed. However, students will not be added to a class when:

  • Adding that class will cause a time conflict with a class in which the student is already enrolled
  • Adding that class will cause the student to go over the maximum number of units allowed for that semester (unless a petition has previously been approved and posted)
  • Another section of the same course is already on the student schedule; i.e. a repeat.