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Teaching with Canvas Course

This course introduces faculty to Canvas tools and provides a framework for building a Canvas course from scratch. You will have an opportunity to review the basics of course development and practice the use of Canvas tools through hands-on exercises. This course is taught by Amber Toland Perry, instructional designer for Cuyamaca College.


Need help setting up your Canvas course?  Contact Amber Toland Perry to set up an appointment. 


Teaching with Canvas is taught as a self-paced, teacher supported, fully online course with a new cohort each fall and spring semester.


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@ONE offers the original version of the course above, which they call "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas." This is a 4-week online course and your instructor and other students will be from other colleges. @ONE frequently adds new sections of this course, so check back often. 

@ONE also offers a self-paced version of the same course, however, it is not facilitated by a teacher, so if you have problems, there is no one to ask. 

@ONE Online Courses



The CCC Chancellor's office created a professional development website called Vision Resource Center (VRC). One of the resources available for free to all faculty and staff through PLN is Lynda.com. The Lynda.com Canvas course was very recently updated and is a good way to learn how to use Canvas, but not as strong on the andragogy/pedagogy side. If you like to learn software by watching videos, this is for you.


To access this, click the link below to go to the Vision Resource Center.


Vision Resource Center


Canvas Guides

Canvas offers extensive help for faculty and students to get started using Canvas which they call the "Canvas Guides." It is possible to learn Canvas this way, but like the self-paced @ONE course and Lynda.com, you don't actually get to experience a live Canvas course this way, so communications in Canvas are difficult to learn this way. 



We suggest you take Cuyamaca College's Teaching with Canvas course with your colleagues. If that doesn't work for you, take @ONE's Introduction to Teaching with Canvas online course (not self-paced). Use the Canvas Guides and Lynda.com for supplemental material.


If you are having problems with Canvas, you can check the status at status.instructure.com or get help 24/7 by phone at 1-844-592-2205.