Canvas Request Forms

Faculty can use the links below to ask the Canvas admins to add people to your courses, get a development container, or have an LTI installed.


When you click the links below, you will be asked to login with your GCCCD network credentials. That means your username is probably firstname.lastname (without and your network/email password.


People Requests

  • Add a user such as a TA, guest speaker, or evaluator to a Canvas container. This form must be filled out by the instructor of record for the course.
  • Delete a user from a Canvas container. Faculty can use this form to delete themselves from courses they are no longer teaching, or delete other teachers that are no longer teaching a course you are teaching.
  • Change Canvas Display Name - to change the display of first name in Canvas.

Canvas Container Requests

LTI Requests / Publisher Content / External Apps

  • LTI Request Use this form for Canvas LTI installation which connects your course to publisher content or apps that provide additional Canvas features.



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