Names listed on this roster are those students who are officially registered in your class. Call roll to determine those in attendance. Students who indicate that they are officially registered but are not listed should be sent to the Admissions and Records Office, or you may request to see the student's Student Class and Fee Statement and check the section number to verify that they are in the correct class.

Registration in your class(es) may occur after your rosters are printed. Therefore, you may have some students who are officially enrolled but not listed on your Class Roster. You may print updated Class Rosters periodically.


Census Drop Roster

The instructor may drop students who are listed on the attendance roster, and who are NOT in attendance for the first class meeting. The instructor may choose not to drop students who give advance notice that they will be unable to attend the first class meeting. Specific instructions are included on the memo attached to your initial set of class rosters.

ALL Census Drop Rosters MUST be Submitted even if you are not dropping any students. Census Drop rosters are a requirement for the college to be in compliance with Title V, Section 58004, as stated below:

Districts shall, according to procedures adopted by the governing board, clear the rolls of inactive enrollment.” (Inactive enrollment is defined as a “no show” or a “student no longer participating in the course.”)


These rosters are checked by the auditors. Your cooperation in complying with this regulation is greatly appreciated.


Division Deans are notified regarding the names of instructors who have not submitted their Census rosters by the deadline date since the submission of these rosters is an institutional requirement.


Short Term Classes have different census dates. See the Deadlines page to find out when your census rosters are due.


Instructor Drop Roster

You will need to log on to WebAdvisor to access your rosters. The first is called the Census Drop Roster (see above). The second is the Instructor Drop Roster. Use this roster to drop students who have not been attending your class. A grade will be required for students not attending your class but still appearing on this roster if they are not dropped.