Online Teaching Mentoring


The DE team is proud to offer funding for faculty to serve as online teaching mentors. One-on-one mentorship is critical to offering equity-minded support to faculty who are new to online teaching or who want assistance with online-specific pedagogy and Canvas. To meet with a mentor, faculty mentors appointment will contact the mentor they would like to work with by sending an email or scheduling an appointment through the mentor’s calendar link if they have one. Below is a list of our fabulous mentors.


Mentor Contact Info:


Anaid Stere-Lugo

Spanish Faculty 


Kelly Allen

English Faculty,

POCR Team Member 

Anaid Stere-Lugo Headshot Kelly Allen Headshot



TH 3-6pm

F 1-3pm


Schedule Appt



W 10am-12pm
TH 3-5pm
OR by appointment 


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Cindy Morrin

Counseling Faculty

Ryan Bacchia

English Faculty 

Cindy Morrin Headshot

Ryan Bacchia Headshot


TTH 9-11:30am

F 10am-3pm


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MTTHF 10am-5pm

W 10am-2pm



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Rachel Polakoski

Math Faculty,

SLO Co-Coordinator

Rachel Polakoski Headshot

Lina Hariri

Arabic Faculty 



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MTTH 1-2pm

W 8-9pm

And by appointment (email)


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Nicole Hernandez

HyFlex Mentor

Child Development Faculty 

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W 11am-12pm

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