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Preparation for Reviewees

Reviewees are faculty who want to earn a "Quality Reviewed" badge for their course. In order to earn this badge, Reviewees complete a Self-Assessment, and have their course peer- revieweed by two POCR-trained faculty. 

Course Design Rubric

The Reviewees course is evaluated using the Course Design Rubric. The CVC OEI Course Design Rubric is a 19-page document that contains 44 specific criteria that a course needs to meet at the Aligned or Exemplary level in order to be considered a “Quality Reviewed” course. This rubric consists of 4 sections:

  • Section A: Content Presentation.
  • Section B: Interaction.
  • Section C: Assessment.
  • Section D: Accessibility.

Resources for Understanding the CVC Rubric

View our Repository of CVC OERI POER Criterion Support Pages and Videos, a Google Sheet, that catalogs existing support pages and videos for each of the 44 criteria.


Additionally, visit Course Design Resources ( Canvas Shell to a helpful review of Peer Online Course Criteria.

@ONE Trainings

Reviewees can complete the following @ONE Trainings before requesting a POCR Review of their course. Below is the list of 4 Sections from the Course Design Rubric and associated @ONE Trainings.


Continuing Education

Continuing education is the informal or formal process of staying up-to-date and current in a profession as a whole or with specific skills and knowledge utilized in a profession.


At Cuyamaca College, continuing education is called Professional Development and is mostly completed during the fall and spring semester FLEX week. FLEX week is the week prior to the start of semester.


Peer Online Course Review (POCR) can be viewed as discrete process and continuous process. The discrete process is being a Reviewee or serving as a Reviewer for a specific course so it can earn a "Quality Reviewed" badge. The continuous process entails keeping your "Quality Reviewed" badged course updated and current giving the quarterly norming sessions hosted by the CVC-OEI.


CVC-OEI POCR Norming Sessions are held every 3 months. Faculty who were Reviewees or Reviewers can find information on the next Norming Session here when they are communicated to the Campus POCR Lead.