What is food autonomy?


Food autonomy is an ideology that drives the Cuyamaca Cares Food Sovereignty program. It is founded on four fundamental concepts:


  1. Access for all people to a sufficient quantity and quality of food and to food resources, at a reasonable cost.  

  2. Power in the form of the ability to produce or purchase, with full dignity, a variety of healthy foods that are also to our taste. This requires being well-informed and well-equipped to make good choices.

    • CalFresh Application
    • Here is a short 2 minute video to help you get started applying for CalFresh food assistance: 
    • Cuyamaca Cares Grow Your Own Food Program
  3. Respect for nature, the environment, communities, neighborhoods and lifestyles. This requires eco-responsible management of resources and fairness in the way these resources are shared among everyone. 

  4. Action involving implementing a variety of methods, both collectively and individually, towards the achievement of real food autonomy. It also implies empowerment and self-reliance in a spirit of respect for others and your surroundings.