Grievance Definitions


Academic Senate: The elected representative body of the College faculty.


Administrator: The College President or another person designated by him or her who holds a status identified by the Governing Board as an administrative position.


Associate Dean of Student Affairs: The Associate Dean of Student Affairs at each College of the District.


Associated Student Government: The elected student representative body at each College.


Chief Student Services Officer: The Vice President of Student Services at Grossmont College or the Vice President of Student Development and Services at Cuyamaca College.


Days: Days during which College is in session and regular classes are held, including summer session days, and excluding Saturdays and Sundays, unless otherwise specified in the procedures.


Decision: Any final outcome of the Grievance Council. This includes tie votes or no decision.


District: The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.


Faculty Member: Any academic employee of the District who is the instructor of record for a class in which a student is enrolled, or a counselor who is providing or has provided services to the student, or other academic employees who provide services related to the student's educational program.


Formal Grievance Hearing Committee: The Formal Grievance Hearing Committee is appointed by the College President and shall consist of two (2) students, two (2) faculty members, and one (1) College administrator, supervisor, or staff member.


Grievance Council: The Grievance Council is composed of the Chief Student Services Officer, the Vice President of Instruction, and the Chief Business Officer of the College or their designees.


Grievant: A grievant is a person currently enrolled or a person who has filed an application for admission to the College or a former student. Former students shall be limited to grievances relating to course grades to the extent permitted by Education Code Section 76224(a), and must file their grievance within one year of the date the grade was awarded.


Party: The student or any persons claimed to have been responsible for the student's alleged grievance, together with their representatives. Party shall not include the Formal Grievance Hearing Committee, members of the Grievance Council, or the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.


Respondent: Any party who is a student and who is claimed by a grievant to be responsible for the alleged grievance.


Student Advocate: An individual selected from a panel established by the College President to assist a grievant.