Computer Labs

Cuyamaca College has computer labs available for student use in the following locations:

Lab Policies

To ensure a working environment conducive to productivity and in respect of others and the equipment, we ask for your cooperation with the following policies.

  • Cell phone use within the Tech Mall is not permitted. Keep pagers and phones on "vibration mode". If you get a call, please take your call outside the building.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited in any of the computer labs. One exception is that bottled water with a secure cap is allowed. In computers labs, bottled water must remain away from the technology. Refusal to adhere to the food and drink restrictions may result in users being asked to leave the space.

    Please refer to the Cuyamaca College Food and Drink Standards for more information.

We also have free WiFi hotspots  throughout campus for students who bring their own devices. If you need help getting connected and or accessing the hot spot, please come to the Tech Mall (E-121) and the technical staff is able to help you.