Faculty and Student Helpdesk
Phone: (619)660-4395


If you have a computer question or problem, help is just a phone call away! Our campus Help Desk is a team of trained staff who understand the technological complexities used in our instructional classrooms, and computer labs. We will work with you to identify the root cause of the problem and when feasible, we will try to resolve your issue over the phone. Should higher levels of technical assistance be needed, we will post a ticket for the next level of support. 


Helpdesk Hours of Operation
Fall 2019

(August 19, 2019- December 16, 2019)


Day Open Close
Monday - Thursday 7:30am 7:30pm
Friday 8:00am 3:00pm


Tech Mall - Phone: ( 619)660-4395


The Tech Mall provides currently enrolled Cuyamaca College students with tutoring and computer access. There are other learning assistance centers and computer labs located throughout the campus which are accessible by students who are currently enrolled in specific course or you are just looking for a quiet place to study.

C-214 OPACS (Library reference desk and student access to research databases)
H-102 Math Stem Center (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Center)
B-167 English Reading and Writing Center
C-102 ARC Tutoring
C-216 Wi-Fi Room (Power to the desktop for charging mobile devices. Bring your own device) 


Student ID's - After you have registered, bring a picture ID and your student ID number to either the Tech Mall (E-121) or Admissions and Records (A Building) starting the first week of the semester.



Fall 2019

(August 19, 2019- December 16, 2019)


Day Open Close
Monday - Thursday 7:30am 7:30pm
Friday 8:00am 1:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed  


Student Network Account

Currently enrolled students are provided with a Network Account that is automatically generated for them each semester. This account provides access to instructional resources from any networked computer on campus, which includes: wifi, email, library database, and a student ID. If you need assistance with any of the resources, call or e-mail us and provided the following information:


6-Digit Date of Birth

Telephone Number
College ID Number
Course Name/Section Number/Instructors Name


CANVAS: Students seeking Canvas assistance at Cuyamaca College should continue to utilize their instructor as their first point of contact for support.

WEB ADVISOR: Students having issues logging into Web Advisor should contact the Admissions and Records Department at 619-660-4275 for assistance.

If you need help with third-party, software downloads, or course software, contact your instructor.


Other Important Information

Cost for print jobs

  • B&W: $.15 a page
  • Color: $.75 a page
  • Bring change ($1.00’s or coins, no pennies) for the printers.
  • Cost for the B&W copier is $.15 a page
  • Please bring your own audio headphones.


Location E-121



(619) 660-4395
(on campus) x 4395


Support Team

Amal Odesh
Eva Zakaria
Fred Geoola



Sherri Braaksma
Instructional Computer Facilities 




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