Cuyamaca College offers numerous courses in Anthropology, enabling students to study human behavior from a biological, historical, cultural and social perspective. Students can take courses to fulfill general education requirements or to prepare for a degree in the subject at a four-year college or university. Launching your studies in Anthropology at Cuyamaca College can lead to a wide array of career opportunities from field research to museum curators.

Anthropology is part of the


History, Social and Behavioral Sciences


department at Cuyamaca College.


  • Cultural Anthropology, which involves the systematic study of religions and languages and similarities and differences between different peoples
  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology, which looks at people’s place in nature, the principles of evolution, the study of early humans and the explanation of fossils
  • Special Studies or Projects in Anthropology, which involves individual study, research or projects in the subject under guidance of an instructor
  • Selected Topics in Anthropology, which involves areas in anthropology that are not covered by regular catalog offerings


  • Work in education
  • Field research
  • Government service
  • International relations
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Nonprofit organizations

Heritage of the Americas Museum — Cuyamaca College also is home to the


Heritage of the Americas Museum, an educational and cultural center featuring exhibits on the history of art, culture and civilization of the Americas. The Anthropology wing includes exhibits on North American and Peruvian Indian clothing, jewelry, war bonnets and more.



James Diokno, M.A.,
San Diego State University


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