ASCCA Student Application Form

The ASCCA Degree is designed to provide students who are interested in automotive service management and repair; excellent career opportunities by providing competency based work experience, and college education courses, utilizing the knowledge skills and abilities of association shop owners, college counselors, and instructors to help a student achieve their career goals.


This degree mainly applies to automotive service and repair, but may also lead to business ownership, service management, parts management, insurance, sales, and other affiliated career opportunities based on the student and association ARD (automotive repair dealership) needs.

Students are required to develop an education plan with a college counselor, instructor, and ARD manager, and maintain the education plan throughout the program. The program is a two year associates of science degree. However, the plan should consider the student desire to transfer to university education with a specific career pathway, and should consider the ASSCA business owners needs for business transitions and profit. Student personal goals and skills will require upfront evaluation by the counseling department.


The overall goal of the program should provide a student with vision of their future with a five year career plan that includes industry certification, and practical evaluated on the job training (work experience classes). Each work experience class should have objectives related to competency based learning, and a student will be evaluated based upon ability to accomplish objectives using a grading scale.


A successful student will develop a portfolio of work competencies during the degree program, and be career entry ready upon completion of the program. Students are paid minimum wages throughout the program. Furthermore, students have opportunities to apply for ASCCA scholarships and apply for financial aid.


Student Application and Enrollment Procedures

Read and Sign This Form:


  • Apply and enroll in the college or college nearest your ARD automotive repair dealer.
  • Apply for financial aid and scholarships each semester.
  • Talk to a counselor about your education plan. Planning will save time and money.
  • Develop a resume designed to attain a relationship with a ASCCA repair dealer.
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license with a driving record that is suitable for the ASCCA ARD insurance requirements.
  • Be legally employable in the United States.
  • Dress business professional and wear the ASCCA logo branded uniform consistent with the ASCCA program standards at all times while on campus, at ARD, and while attending ASCCA meetings and college events.
  • Meet the sponsoring ASCCA ARD hiring requirements which may include submitting to a drug test and/or criminal background check.
  • Provide sponsoring ASCCA ARD with responsible and productive employment by maintaining a NATEF competencies record book, in which the student shall document each competency required for NATEF certification. The student will also maintain a student work record book documenting each labor task assigned by labor hour as independent or assisted including comebacks. The work record book will be used to measure student work efficiency by comparing the hours paid to the work performed independently. The record books must include artifacts such as repair orders, and must be signed by the student, mentor, and instructor prior to graduation.
  • Each student must pass a final review prior to graduation which will include an oral examination, final written department exam, and final hands on test. A student successfully completing the final review will receive the highest designation awarded by the college and association during the graduation ceremony, graduation with honors, and will wear a special ASCCA tassel, patch, and shall receive other awards such as tools and supplies. This award and requirement shall apply to all ASCCA students.
  • Maintain a sponsor relationship with an ASCCA ARD.
  • Be responsible for program costs: tuition, fees and books.
  • Maintain academic standards and adhere to college academic policies.
  • Maintain all school requirements to attain an associate’s degree.
  • All students are required to take and pass ASE student tests or ASE technician tests each semester. The ASE student test shall be considered the standard test regardless of the final exam delivered by the class instructor.
  • Maintain an education plan with the ASCCA instructor, college counselors, and ARD designee.

Failure to comply with ASCCA standards will result in removal from the program.

I agree to the following policies and procedures and desire to enroll in the ASCCA degree program.



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