Program Faculty

Ignacio Castaneda Garcia

Phone: (619) 660-4213


Brad McCombs

Phone: (619) 660-4267
Cell: (619) 701-1226


ASCCA Degree and Certificate



 Are you ready for an exciting career performing automotive service and repair partnering with the industries best independent repair shops? The ASCCA Degree is a program that pairs excellent students who want to learn while working with smaller independently owned businesses. You will alternate between college automotive, general, and paid work experience courses.




The ASCCA Degree is designed to provide students who are interested in automotive service management and repair; excellent career opportunities by providing competency based work experience, and college education courses, utilizing the knowledge skills and abilities of association shop owners, college counselors, and instructors to help a student achieve their career goals. This degree mainly applies to automotive service and repair, but may also lead to business ownership, service management, parts management, insurance, sales, and other affiliated career opportunities based on the student and association sponsoring dealer needs.


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