Ornamental Horticulture


Course ID          Course Name
OH-102 Xeriscape: Water Conservation in the Landscape
OH-105 Edibles in Urban Landscapes
OH-114 Floral Design I
OH-116 Floral Design II
OH-117 Wedding Design I
OH-118 Special Occasion Floral Design
OH-120 Fundamentals of Ornamental Horticulture
OH-121 Plant Propagation
OH-130 Plant Pest Control
OH-140 Soils
OH-150 Landscape Architecture I
OH-151 Landscape Architecture II
OH-170 Plant Materials: Trees and Shrubs
OH-174 Turf and Ground Cover Management
OH-180 Plant Materials: Annuals and Perennials
OH-200 Intro to Computer Aided Landscape Design
OH-201 Advanced Computer Aided Landscape Design
OH-220 Landscape Construction: Concrete and Masonry
OH-221 Landscape Construction: Irrigation and Carpentry
OH-222 Japanese Garden Design and Construction
OH-225 Landscape Contracting
OH-235 Principles of Landscape Irrigation
OH-238 Irrigation System Design
OH-240 Greenhouse Plant Production
OH-250 Landscape Water Management
OH-255 Sustainable Urban Landscape Principles and Practices
OH-260 Arboriculture
OH-263 Urban Forestry
OH-264 Safe Work Practices in Tree Climbing and Arboriculture                 
OH-265 Golf Course and Sports Turf Management
OH-266 Science in Practice for Arboriculture
OH-275 Diagnosing Horticultural Problems
OH-290 Cooperative Work Experience Education