Projects & Initiatives


We strive to make change at Cuyamaca College every day in service of our students. 

Below is a list of all current and ongoing projects. Both internal and campus-wide. 


  • The overhaul of the ASGCC main page on the Cuyamaca college website
  • Development of an official ASGCC Logo
  • Expand our follower base on social media



  • Development of more student-oriented space
  • Development of more resume building workshops, trainings and programs. 
  • Strengthening of the Cuyamaca College the Harvest Pantry
    • Student-oriented selection


Completed Goals: 


Student Center Hours:


We're happy to announce that the Cuyamaca College Student center is now open longer hours to better fit with students on campus.


The student center shall be open:

Monday - Thursday: 6:00AM - 10:00PM

Friday: 6:00AM - 7:00PM


Satellite of the H&W Center & the Harvest Pantry:


We're happy to announce that starting November, the ASGCC offices shall be giving out FREE condoms, and female hygiene products. Along with some of the Harvest pantry's food selection to target our evening students.