EOPS Office
Room G-300
Office Hours: Mon. - Thu. 8am to 5pm & Fri. 9am to 1pm
Phone: 619-660-4204

Eligibility for EOPS Programs


  • Be a legal resident of CA or be exempt from paying non-resident tuition
  • Have completed less than 70 degree applicable units.
  • Have full-time enrollment in a program leading towards a career technical certificate, associate degree or transfer to a four year institution.
  • Have one or more of these educational disadvantages:
    • Not have graduated from high school or obtained the G.E.D
    • High school grade point average less than 2.5.
    • Previous enrollment in remedial education.
    • First generation college student.
    • Parent's native language other than English.
    • Member of under-represented ethnic group.
  • Meet income eligibility for the CA College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors fee waiver)  A or B Waiver by:
    • Method A: Be a recipient of TANF/CalWORKs or SSI/SSP or General Assistance/General Relief or,
    • Method B: Meet income guidelines as determined by the California State Chancellor's office and/or Health and Human Services.
    • The Financial Aid office has more information on the income guidelines.


How Do I Apply for EOPS?

  • Complete the EOPS application EOPS application-Cuyamaca
  • Complete the CA Promise Grant  application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the forms.
  • Enroll in 12 units of classes at Cuyamaca College.
  • Submit all previous college transcripts to the office of Admissions and Records.

**Please note:  

Completing the application process does not mean you are automatically in the EOPS program. Entry is based on meeting eligibility requirements and program space.  You will be contacted over e-mail regarding next steps if eligible.