Advancing into Veteran Life

Advancing into veteran life can be one of the hardest things military personnel will have to do. You may be having trouble with it and not realize it because the signs are never the same as another person. Difficulty transitioning can look like loneliness or a longing for the camaraderie you once had in service, but it can also look like uncertainty, irritability, and frustration. 


The Cuyamaca Veterans Center has created a series of workshops to help you along your transition journey, full of tips, tools, and support. This series of workshops has been compiled by veterans who have had and are continuing in their own transition journey, for veterans who may be looking for a place to start. Below are some videos highlighting some of the tools used to assist you as you navigate this new life beyond the military:


Part 1: Setting Goals


Part 2: Personal Growth


Part 3: Personal Thoughts