Placement Center



you are ready for college level math and english now!


Why is Placement important?

Placement gives recommendations for courses in math, English and English as a second language (ESL). This will determine where you start in the sequence of courses and how long it will take to complete them to get your degree or transfer. A new law in California (AB 705) has made transfer level math and English courses accessible in your first year. For more information on AB 705 please visit here.


Who is Placement for?

  • Students who designate their educational goals to include transfer, obtain an associate degree, or earn a certificate of achievement.
  • Students who register for any English course or for a mathematics course or for any course which has English or math as a prerequisite.

Who may be exempt from Placement?

  • Students who have earned an Associate Degree or higher at an accredited college or university. Must provide copy of diploma or unofficial transcript.
  • If a student is enrolling in a course for educational/personal enrichment course that does not require English or Math as a prerequisite, co-requisite or advisory (recommended preparation).

How do I complete the Placement questionnaire?

In order to complete this step you will need knowledge of your High School GPA, highest completed High School math course, and intended major of study. ESL students will be also required to fill out the questionnaire, if an appointment is needed please email Cuyamaca's Placement specialists. 


To access the placement questionnaire:

  • Login to Self-Service
  • Click the Orientation, Placement, and Advising module 
  • Follow the steps and fill out the form 
  • Review your recommended placement


Chemistry Challenge

Students are able to take a chemistry challenge exam to clear them of the prerequisite for entrance into Chem 141. Passing of this exam does not give students credit for the cleared units. Students are able to take this exam only once. If you would like to schedule an appointment please email us via with your Student ID number and possible availability, the total exam time should take one hour and conducted in-person only.