Placement Questionnaire FAQ


Placement gives recommendations for courses in math, English and English as a second language (ESL). This will determine where you start in the sequence of courses and how long it will take to complete them to get your degree or transfer. A new law in California (AB 705) has made transfer level math and English courses accessible in your first year. 


If you do not see an answer to your question below, contact the Placement Center


How to access the Placement Questionnaire 

  • Login to Self-Service
  • Under "Orientation, Placement, Advising," Click the "Step Two - Placement Questionnaire"
  • Fill out the form and click submit
  • Review your recommended placement

How to answer the GPA question

  • You will find it easier to answer this question if you have a copy of your high school transcripts. If you do not have access to a copy of your high school transcripts that is okay, this answer does not have to be specific. Knowing the range for your GPA is all that is needed to answer this question.
  • Did you attend high school in a different country? Submit a question to the Placement Center for help converting  your GPA into the range needed for this questions. 

How to answer the highest completed Math course question

  • Highest completed math course is one that you have received a C or higher in. Courses that you received a non passing grade should not be included. This may not be your last attempted math course.
  • Don't see your course on the list? Submit a question to our Math Department to help make this selection.

How to answer prospective major question

  • Math courses are determined by major groupings. It helps determine which level of math is required to meet the requirements in that field 
  • If you do not see your exact major, that is okay, you can select an area related to that major. For example, if you are wanting to major in management you would want to select Business. The major groupings are broken down like this:
  1. Business (includes Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics)
  2. Engineering/Math/Computer Science/Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pre-Med, )
  3. Teaching (Elementary Education)
  4. Social Science/Allied Health (Nursing, Social Work, Administration of Justice, Psychology, Sociology)
  5. Arts and Humanities (History, English, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Communication, etc)
  6. I am thinking of something else
  • If you are undecided, changed your major or accidentally picked the wrong one, no worries! Talk with a Counselor to help choose the right course for your goals. 

Possible placements for Math, English or ESL

Follow the links to find what your potential MathEnglish or ESL placement could based on your High School information. 


Have English or Math credits from another College?

You are still encouraged to complete the Placement Questionnaire. Though you may have taken coursework elsewhere, you could potentially place higher than at your previous institution. If that is not the case please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form with a copy of your unofficial transcript for consideration.


Have  AP or IB scores?

If you have successfully completed an AP or IB exam, you are still encouraged to complete the Placement Questionnaire. You will likely be placed in the appropriate courses for this level. If that is not the case please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form with a copy of your score report for consideration.


Don't think you were placed into the right class?

If you would like to challenge your placement level after you have completed the placement questionnaire please contact the Department Chair of either MathEnglish or ESL. You may also contact the Placement Center  for more information.