CSU ADT Verification

Cuyamaca College Evaluations Office and Transfer Center works closely to help students to complete the ADT verification for CSU admission.


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Spring 2024 CSU Applicants

To ensure sufficient processing time for CSU E-Verification, it is highly recommended to apply for the ADT Degree by September 9, 2023.  Final degree application deadline is October 14, 2023.

*SDSU Spring Admissions Appeals for Veterans and Active Duty: applicants who wish to use an ADT for admission that was not posted by June must file a general petition in Admissions and Records. Please contact Cuyamaca.Transfer@gcccd.edu for assistance.

Fall 2024 CSU Applicants

To ensure sufficient processing time for CSU E-Verification, it is highly recommended to apply for the ADT Degree by February 11, 2024.  Final degree application deadline is March 10, 2024. If you have already been awarded the ADT required for verification in a past semester, there is no need to submit a new graduation application.


Cuyamaca College will begin the verification process on February 23 of the names and majors submitted to Cuyamaca College by the CSU. On the day your ADT is electronically verified, you will receive a confirmation email from your Cuyamaca College Graduation Evaluator that your name and major, indicated on your CSU application, has been verified to the CSU. Sample: " This email serves as confirmation that your ADT verification has been completed and submitted electronically by Cuyamaca College to the CSU with a status of ‘In-Progress: Will Complete by the end of Spring 2024."


Your CSU portal may still indicate that verification is pending until the verification period ends on March 15, or several business days later, to allow for processing by the CSU. Each CSU campus may begin reviewing verification data at different times, while others may wait until after the verification deadline of March 15 has passed. Please allow CSU campuses the necessary time to import the verification data for their specific campus. If you have additional questions about a pending verification status, after receiving the verification confirmation from your Cuyamaca College Graduation Evaluator, you may contact the specific CSU or the Cuyamaca College Transfer Center for assistance.


Completed course work outside of GCCCD

ALL previously-attended college transcripts are required to be on file at Grossmont or Cuyamaca College before an Associate Degree application can be reviewed and verified. Please request any official outstanding transcripts that have not yet been sent – all transcripts should be received no later than March 1 to allow time for processing and a full review of the graduation application and eligibility status. Electronic delivery of OFFICIAL transcripts is preferred, if available. (Graduation applications may be submitted prior to the receipt of all transcripts and will be held in a pending status until all required transcripts are received).


If you are enrolled at another college during the spring semester, aside from Grossmont College, an OFFICIAL work-in-progress transcript is REQUIRED to be sent to Cuyamaca College prior to the March 1 transcript deadline.


At the completion of the semester, an OFFICIAL final transcript is also required before your ADT can be reviewed and posted to your transcript. Most colleges will allow you to order both transcripts at the same time, one with a ‘Send Now’ option and one with a “Hold for Final Grades” option. Please check with the specific college for information.



Please use this link to access the graduation application and to review the form instructions. 


CSU ADT Verification Timeline

Mistakes on CSU Application related to ADT

For students who may discover that a mistake was made on their CSU admission application, either with the major selected or the California Community College where the ADT would be earned, please contact the Cuyamaca College Transfer Center to complete an ADT paper verification as soon as possible, but no later than March 8, send an email to: cuyamaca.transfer@gcccd.edu