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Encuentros Summit

Cuyamaca College has partnered with Encuentros Leadership in hopes of bringing their efforts to the Spring Valley and Rancho San Diego communities to focus on reducing high school drop-out rates and promoting college attendance for Latino middle and high school male students.



The Social Justice and Black Conscience Conference

Social Justice and Black Consciousness Conference

The Annual Social Justice Conference was established in 2019 to empower students to make changes by highlighting current issues of social in/justice, showcasing the work of local activists and students, and connecting students to  local organizations actively engaged in social justice efforts. 




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Teaching Dialogues

An Anti-Racist & Equity-Minded Community of Practice.



Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

The Cuyamaca College Professional Development Committee invites you to a summer workshop series entitled, "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man."  These workshops will promote discussions based on videos available on Acho's YouTube channel.