Teaching Dialogues

An Anti-Racist & Equity-Minded Community of Practice


Join your colleagues at Teaching Dialogues to discuss effective teaching practices for remote/online and F2F formats. Teaching Dialogues is an anti-racist and equity-minded community of practice that meets through Zoom. It is interdisciplinary and open to all faculty. 


Register via the Vision Resource Center to get the link and earn Professional Development credit. If you have any challenges with the Vision Resource Center registration, please contact Derrek.Gudino@gcccd.edu, the VRC Administrator. 


Teaching Dialogues Spring Flier

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Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85228186023


Spring 2023 Dates
Friday, March 10, 2023 @ 12:00-1:30pm
Friday, April 14, 2023 @ 12:00-1:30pm
Friday, May 19, 2023 @ 12:00-1:30pm



Teaching Dialogues Sessions

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@One Inspiration: Liquid Syllabus  

By: Kim Lenox - English Instructor

Video Link - 19 mins


Contract Grading
Creating Videos for Online Classes  


By: Brianna Brown - English Instructor

Video Link - 12 mins


Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning in the Classroom


By: Marissa Salazar - Psychology Professor & Raquel Jacob-Alameida - Chair, Social & Behavioral Sciences


Video Link - 46 mins


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Discussion
Equity-Minded Assessments  


By: Araceli Centanino - History Professor



Video Link - 18 mins


Equity-Minded Changes Applied in the Classroom
Equity-Minded Teaching Practices in a COVID World


By: Marissa Salazar - Psychology Professor


Video Link - 23 mins


Equity-Minded Practices: Remote Teaching & Learning


By: Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks - Chair, History, Humanities & Philosophy Instructor

Moriah's Presentation


Video Link - 18 mins


Equitable Teaching (During a Pandemic)
Facilitating Group Work on Zoom  

By: Rachel Polakoski - Mathematics Instructor

Video Link - 18 mins

How to Make the Curriculum Relevant, Creating a Democratized Classroom and How to Build Meaningful Relationships  


By: Lauren Halsted - Chair, English Department

Video Link - 21 mins


Late Assignment and Resubmission Policies Reflection  


By: Nicole Hernandez - Child Development Instructor 

Video Link - 17 mins


Math Through an Equity-Minded Lens

By: Terrie Nichols - Math Instructor


Power: Assessment and Privilege


By: Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks - Chair, History, Humanities & Philosophy Instructor


Video Link - 25 mins


Project Based Learning + Equity

By: Scott Stambach - Physics Instructor


Video Link - 15 mins

Remote Learning Technology Tools for Instructors   


By: Steve Weinert - Psychology Instructor


Video Link - 14 mins


Taking the Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) Framework Online  


By: Tania Jabour - English Instructor, Student Learning Outcome Coordinator

Video Link - 19 mins


Sharing Power in the Classroom


By: Karen Marrujo - English Instructor


Video Link - 26 mins


Supporting Students During a Pandemic  

By: Annalinda Arroyo - Mathematics Instructor


Video Link - 24 mins


Using Open Educational Resources (OER)


By: Karla Gutierrez - Spanish Instructor


Video Link - 27 mins


Why and How I Ungrade


By: Mary Klann - History Instructor

Video Link - 17 mins



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