Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity

The Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) division aims to advance student success and equity by integrating, aligning, and sustaining improvement efforts across the college. IESE provides coordination, support, and collaborative leadership for the college’s planning, assessment, evaluation, and equity efforts to advance the College’s mission. We approach this work with a social justice lens to advance equity and excellence. Our core values include:
  • Equity and social justice
  • Innovation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency
  • Evidence-based decision-making
The IESE unit includes the institutional effectiveness, equity, strategic planning, assessment, engagement and validation, and institutional research functions. Our dynamic team facilitates institutional change through inquiry and professional development, student validation and engagement, and systems thinking.


Important Links

Links to External Data

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office maintains several public databases for all community colleges in the state. 


CCCCO Student Success Metrics Dashboard: includes non-cohort measures of student enrollment and outcomes, including math and English throughput, persistence, completion, transfer, and career-related outcomes.


CCCCO Data Mart: database of many college metrics for each college in the state for each academic year. These include demographic data on faculty, staff, and students, student service metrics, courses/sections offered, students success, transfer and wages.