Careers in Religious Studies


Careers available to those with a degree in Religious Studies generally involve religious or community roles, research or instruction.


Some sample careers and median yearly earnings:

  • Clergy ($64,977 per year)
  • Counselor ($55,290 per year)*
  • Education Administrator ($128,470 per year)*
  • Philosophy or Religion Professor ($124,806 per year)*
  • Secondary School (K-12) Teacher ($90,214 per year)
  • Social Worker ($74,593 per year)
  • Writer, Author, Editor ($92,540 per year)

Most, if not all, of the above careers require a Bachelor’s (BA) degree.

Careers marked with one asterisk* will most likely require one or more of the following, in addition to a BA: a credential, a certificate, a Master’s (MA) degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

California median salary information provided by the California Employment Development Department except where otherwise noted. Additional sources of information: