Majoring in History at Cuyamaca College prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities for continued study in the field and the Associate Degree program fulfills the lower-division requirements for most majors in the History Department at San Diego State University and is typical of requirements at other four-year schools.


Students who complete this program will have a firm grasp on the world around us, the role women and People of Color have played in our history, and the historical underpinnings of various government systems and ideologies in other countries. Students will be able to define historical periods and transitions, demonstrate how literature and the arts helps us understand the past, and recognize theories of historical interpretation.


History is part of the History, Humanities, and Philosophy department at Cuyamaca College.



In addition to the most popular transfer courses (Early American History, Modern American History, Early World History, Modern World History) the History Department at Cuyamaca College also offers a number of transfer courses in European History (Early Western Civilization and Modern Western Civilization) and American History (African American History, Mexican American History, Native American History, Kumeyaay History, Women's History, and California History). All courses in the History Department are transfer-level courses.



The study of history can lead one down a number of career paths.  In addition to becoming a historian or teacher, history majors often study the law, work in museums, or continue study in related fields such as Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, and Art History.



The History Department at Cuyamaca College sponsors and participates in a variety of campus activities and offers public forums on topics of historical and contemporary relevance.



Peter Utgaard, Ph.D., Washington State University

Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks, M.A. History, M.A. Women's Studies, San Diego State University

Ethan Banegas, M.A., University of San Diego

Susan Haber, M.A., San Diego State University (Emerita)

Juli Jones, Ph.D.

David Solomon, M.A., San Diego State University

Alazar Tesfamariam, M.A., Oklahoma State University