Humanities is an interdisciplinary area of study that focuses on human culture and thought, with subject areas that include art, music, literature and religion. Cuyamaca College offers an array of courses in this area, including the introductory Principles of the Humanities, which will lead students to learn how to examine, compare, analyze, evaluate and discuss creative works within their cultural contexts. Examples for study will be selected from the world’s great works of literature and art.


The Row House Plays Itself - Urban Omnibus


Other courses include Arts and Culture in Local Context – San Diego, a course that offers an interdisciplinary survey of the region’s history, art and culture; European Humanities, which is an integrated approach to European cultural values as expressed in representative masterpieces of literature, philosophy, art and architecture; Mythology, which explores myths, legends and folklore as a means of understanding the way different people throughout the world have viewed themselves, their heroes and their gods; and American Humanities, which studies various American forms of art and thought, such as jazz and popular music.