Kumeyaay Studies

The Associate in Arts program in Kumeyaay Studies is designed to provide an understanding of Kumeyaay history, culture and heritage. It is a multi-disciplinary degree, drawing from the sciences, humanities, world languages and history departments. Through specific coursework that encompasses on-site learning experiences, students will learn about the Kumeyaay Nation of San Diego’s East County region.


Kumeyaay Studies


Students who complete their degree in Kumeyaay Studies will learn about the importance of preserving Indigenous values of family, respect, healing and spiritual awareness through the preservation of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. By embracing cognitive development and traditional teaching methods, students will promote the development of cultural education through a supportive learning environment in the community.


Land Acknowledgement

We stand upon a land that has been the home of the Kumeyaay people from time immemorial. This land has nourished, healed, and protected the Kumeyaay people to the present day. It is part of a world view founded in the harmony, balance, and the relationship-building between the land and the people. As students and employees of Cuyamaca College we acknowledge this legacy from the Kumeyaay. We will take action to support and preserve the Kumeyaay way of life, the Kumeyaay people, and Kumeyaay knowledge. This is the land of the Kumeyaay.


Eyaay ahan 

My heart is good




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