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Brad McCombs

Phone: (619) 660-4267
Cell: (619) 701-1226

Ignacio Castaneda Garcia

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How much does the ASSET Program cost?

For many students the first two years of community college are free. For those students who do not qualify, or can’t afford a full-time schedule, tuition costs $46 per unit.


College and Ford Motor Company offer a full array of financial aid and scholarship programs available to full-time and part-time students who are eligible.

Can a student graduate from the program without being sponsored?

No. A student must have an agreement with a Ford dealership. Work experience is required and comprises at least 12 credit hours.

How much will the training cost?

Training costs approximately $500 to $800 per semester. This includes books, tuition, parking, and health fees. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Am I required to supply my own auto tools?

No. Cuyamaca College has a well-stocked tool room, and during your work experience class you will be working under the direction of a Ford Technician. You need to check with the sponsoring dealer regarding their tool policies.

Will Ford or a sponsoring dealership pay for my education?

Yes and no. Ford and the State of California sponsor this factory level training program making the costs of the program very affordable when compared to private training programs. Ford will supply students with factory level training service publications, test cars, tools, and testing equipment to use during labs. Cuyamaca College provides the facilities, classrooms, instructors, and a college education that is transferable to California State Universities and UC’s, which most private auto technical schools do not provide.

How much do students get paid during work experience?

The ASSET Advisory Committee composed of school personnel, dealership managers, and Ford Company representatives has recommended a training stipend for ASSET students of minimum wage per hour with a 50 cent raise each time the student technician returns to the dealership for work experience training. However, the dealerships are independent businesses and are free to pay as they wish. Most dealers follow the committee’s recommendation. Some dealerships require a minimum grade point average in order for raises to be obtained.

Are students expected to wear a uniform?

Students are always required to wear uniforms while in class at the college and at the dealership. The dealership will supply the uniform to the student at little or no cost.

Do all graduates of the program earn full-time employment at a Ford dealership?

Historically, 99% of the graduates of the ASSET Program at Cuyamaca College have received full-time employment by sponsoring dealers. Students who successfully complete the program will receive their Associate of Science Degree in Automotive Technology, ASSET Program certificate from Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company Technician Specialty Training Certification in various areas, emission control license, and ASE test training.

How do I apply for credit for prior learning?

Students who have completed training by another manufacturer may have earned credit for prior learning. Ford examinations apply to all content areas for certification. Consult with your ASSET instructor to confirm possible credits for prior learning.

How do I find a dealership sponsor or community colleges with automotive programs?

Click on the interactive links below to find dealers and colleges by your location.


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